In the information business, content is king. And for good reason. Did you know 47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep? More and more marketers are investing in content. As consumers are now empowered before the sale like never before, it only makes sense that your dealership invest […]

Do we have your attention?  Good. Targeting the right message, to the right person at the right time, in the right way, with the right frequency, is critical and crucial to launching a successful campaign. And should be designed to grow your business. Here are six simple marketing strategies to grow your dealership. Build Awareness […]

With 221 million viewers in the US, digital video is a powerful medium for reaching audiences. This engaging format is changing consumer behavior and influencing their decisions. REACH 100M users watch digital video every day. 78% of internet users watch videos online every week. 50% of all mobile web traffic is video. BEHAVIOR 92% of […]

Branded content, or native advertising, attracts 200% more user gaze than traditional ads. This engaging format allows advertisers to leverage the credibility of trusted platforms. RECEPTION  90% of people say relevancy is a top concern. 84% of executives are open to content from brands 74% of executives found content informative and valuable. BEHAVIOR 70% of […]

With over 31 million U.S. internet users going online via their smartphones and tablets at a high frequency, mobile presents an unparalleled opportunity for companies to reach consumers. REACH 8 in 10 people in the U.S. use a mobile phone. 4 out of 5 mobile users have a smartphone Over 50% of the population uses […]

97% of cars shoppers would prefer to select their salesperson before walking into the dealership* That is a stat that can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. Why is this important?  Do your potential auto consumers,  right now,  have an option to select their salesperson?  When we talk about the path of purchase, we always talk about […]

Digital video is so prevalent that it’s changing the way viewers consume content—and the way marketers advertise. Today’s digital environment is changing the way that consumers watch TV. Nearly half of American households are now subscribing to at least one digital streaming service like Netflix to watch their favorite programming, and since 2013, the number of people […]

Targeted email works. Really well. 66% of online consumers in the U.S. made a purchase as a result of email marketing messages. And that holds true for automotive. A Southern Toyota dealership wanted to highlight a local promotion but needed a method to accurately track the number of people that received the ad, the number of […]

Sometimes, a picture tells the story… Google’s Auto Client’s Journey, 24 Average Touch Points:

Yes, the generation everyone is drooling over. Even though some of them  are still drooling…I kid. But seriously, they are massive in size. You should know about them. So lets explore how to reach them. 1.User Generated Content:  Millennials are spending over five hours a day consuming user generated content, content influences what they buy. […]